Meet Building Materials Estimator Bob Williams…

My name is Bob Williams and I’m currently the building material estimator for Mathews and Fields. I’ve worked for them for 13 years now. Prior to that I had been there customer working for various home-builders in the area. So I already knew the quality and I knew the individuals that own and run the company. So it was a very lateral movement for me.

We have our own estimating department here as you’ve already seen. We have Jesse doing the engineered lumber, we have Kevin Klinkbeil our truss engineer who has been here for 38 years, so my 13 years is pretty minimal compared to most people. One of the ways that we stand out I think is how we take people on an individual basis as they come in the door or on the phone or now with the Internet and help them diagnose– be it a problem, starting from the beginning of their home building process. In my case, I look at it from the home-builders standpoint. I’m looking at costs and try to help the home-builders save money. Again, as Jesse mentioned, value engineering is one of our strong points.

Another strong point of Matthews and Fields is our accumulated hours of experience in this business. Here alone, I was just doing a quick number estimate, and we have probably 200 to 250 years of experience. So that can come into play from residential to commercial to light commercial to heavy commercial projects and for the guy who’s building his own garage. So there’s not any question, I think, be it a stair question or a floor question or a truss question. If we don’t know the answer to it right away, then we can get it pretty quick. And we will ask the right questions to the right people.

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