Our staircase measuring service…

Inside sales person Carrie discusses Matthews & Fields’ staircase measuring service for contractors and homeowners. Leave the worry of these critical measurements to us.

Say a customer wants a custom set of stairs built and they supply their own measurements and we told them that if you supply your own measurements and we build them per your measurements and your measurements are incorrect then you are stuck with the set of stairs. A lot of customers are willing to take that risk, and it doesn’t happen often, but when it does then that poor customer has to come back and reorder a whole new set of stairs. In that case they are paying for two sets of stairs when they only needed one set of stairs.

We do offer a service to come out and take proper measurements and if our measurements are incorrect then it’s our problem not the customers problem. So we just highly suggest our customer take us up on the opportunity to measure for special projects such as a new set of stairs.

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