John Blosenhauer – Master Crafstman at M&F

We’re proud to introduce you to John Blosenhauer, our longest serving employee at M&F…and the proud father of nine!

John B (23)“I’m John Blosenhauer. I grew up in Holly New York, raised on a farm, one of six boys in the family. I was the oldest.  After High school I built a house in Holly. NY,  got married and then got drafted and  went to Vietnam from 68-69.  My wife Jeanine wrote to me the whole year and a half that I was gone  We’ve been married 46 years and we’ve had nine children; 7 girls and 2 boys”.

A curved banister produced by John


“I began working at Matthews & Fields on May 3rd 1971. That’s 46 years .Years ago everybody work from 6am to 5 o’clock.  and then 6 hours on Saturday. It was so busy back then Now it’s not quite as busy. Back then you could never catch up. We got a lot of overtime back then. I don’t want to do over time now!

08121201John, (back row), and Jeanine (front row center) and their children

These days I start at 6 :30 a.m.  I like to be in early – and I don’t like to rush. I open up the place and it’s peaceful and quiet  in the morning. What do I do?  I’ve done everything. I’ve worked in the yard,  I worked in the door dept for nine years. Then I worked in the window shop.  I did window and door service on the road for seven years.   I was like the company’s first full-time service man. I worked building stairs. I’ve done custom trim work. I drove a delivery truck when they were short a driver I’ve done everything except work in the office”!

John B (16)     John B (10)

John about to reproduce a set of doors  and working on deck stairs

“I’ve made custom  stairs and whatever else I was  asked to make. I’ve done curved stairs which really turned out nice. I’ve  just done so much. I’ve made  big porch corbel brackets – all custom work. I just made four  doors for Hamlin State Park. They were only  for the restrooms but I feel good knowing that I can go there and see my work ten years from now and the doors will still be working”.

100_2636     John B (15)

A custom made cupola made by John. He produced the tin-work roof as well…and a lunch-visit note from John’s daughter…

“I’ve enjoyed the work. If  I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t be here. I’m 68 and still working because I enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t go to work. Every day is different. Today I’m doing porch steps and after that  I’ve got some custom shutters to make for somebody right around the corner. It’s just different every day.  I get to use my mind and build something..100_0459

We were really busy back in the early days. There were more people working here, there  were more deliveries because there was more building going on in Rochester. Now we get more of the  custom work.

It’s a decent company to work for. Everyone has been here twenty, twenty five, thirty  years. There’s very few young guys. Everybody working in the  shop is 50 and over. Everybody likes it I think otherwise they’d be gone”.

  John B (17)

John Fields and  John Blosenhauer in the Matthews & Fields workshop

“When I started here, John Fields was a senior in high school. He worked the first summer that I worked here. He was getting ready for college. We’ve been together a long time you know.  My son has a heart condition so he was in the hospital for a while. Any time I needed time off John Fields gave me time off. He works with you.

John treats you decent. He has his bad days and his good days like everyone else, but all-in-all he’s fair. He’s family”.

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