Before and After: Results of Novik Inc. “Beautification” of our Henrietta Store…

After with Bob (Copy)

Customers pulling into our Henrietta location cannot fail to notice the HUGE change in our store’s appearance. Calling it a “face lift” is an understatement: it looks like our old store disappeared and new one appeared overnight by magic. The “magic” in reality was brought about by a partnership between our company and Novik, Inc., a new supplier we’ve brought on recently. Novik offers extremely high quality simulated stone exterior siding and trim treatments for commercial and residential applications.  The product is an engineered plastic that is strong yet lightweight, so much so that it can be installed by one person if need be. 

P1180164 (Copy)

Our old storefront was dated and starting look a bit on the worn and threadbare side…The T-111 siding on the side entrance to our store was still serviceable but showing it’s age. The fiber cement siding on the Lehigh Station Road side of the building was another story: it was  in rough shape…

P1180179 (Copy)

to put it mildly!

Out Novik choices…

After5 copy

We decided on a stone foundation product, (NoviStone),  to start things off  at the base of the building  followed by a run of lintel, (NoviTrim), then a run of  brown cedar shakes, (NoviShake),  running all the way to the eaves. We think it looks pretty spectacular! It’s incredibly realistic: it may be simulated stone – but to the eye it looks like the real deal.

Fast-forward to our super-sharp installation!

The install for our building was fast: a total of about two days work for two people, (though spread out over a week or so). Novik products drill, cut, and fasten with normal saw blades, screws, and drill bits. There’s no dust as when cutting fiber cement – and it has a lot more tensile strength too. One person can hold a plank and not have it snap in half while carrying it.

tensile (Copy)

 Like Legos on steroids! 

Interlocking parts that snap together for a perfect fit. Get that first course nice and level and you’re off to the races…
install4   install5

 It’s the best looking siding we’ve ever handled, it’s cost-effective, and it’s available now at both our locations.


We are very proud of our store’s new appearance! And we’re proud to be stocking the Novik line of simulated stone products. We’re getting rave reviews from builders,                 remodelers, and do-it-yourself homeowners. We welcome your interest and we’re here to support and stand behind this stellar new Novik product line.




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