Doug Fields: “Commercial projects are great fit with M & F…”

Matthews and Fields Lumber has traditionally been strictly re-modeler and home builder based. That’s something that we do an awful lot of and we continue to have that segment of our business grow. But one category that was out there which we in the past hadn’t done a lot of work with was the larger commercial type projects.

In the last few years I’ve taken it upon myself to go out and try to expand that business a little at a time and get to really know that segment and the philosophy of that kind of building and see where Matthews and Fields can be of service. Not really to my surprise we are a tremendous fit. We’ve gone out and we’ve secured many large projects and those general contractors seem to be continually coming back to us because they know that we help their job. We look for ways for them to cut costs, save money and we give suggestions that are helpful, and that is always appreciated on the general contractor’s side.

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