M&F Millwork shop thrives on variety and challenges…

A couple of challenges that really make it interesting to work here is the variety of our customer requests. Whether we’re working on a custom set of stairs that have a little curve or flare in the stringer at the bottom, or we’re trying to fit it around a post that’s part of the structure of the house, it changes it up from the everyday set of stairs.

A recent job that we did dealt with a having an old Pella unit where one door was hinged on the other and they wanted to mimic that scenario on the other side of the doorway, so that it truly looked as if it was four doors sort of floating in midair and the two center doors were hung on the two outside ones. And again it’s a customer’s request for a certain look that they are after.  By meeting with the contractor we were able to establish what we could do for them and what requirements the contractor would have to do in the field. But the end goal was always to meet what the homeowner wanted, what the look was that they wanted to see. And that’s one of the things that sets us apart: the ability to interact with the builder and meet the homeowner’s expectations.

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