Jesse St. John wins Truss Joist Top Gun Award for Sixth time!

If you’re a contractor and haven’t already availed yourself of the the serives of Jesse St. John, M&F’s Engineered lumber specialist, watch the video below and see what you’re missing!

Matthews & Fields own Engineered lumber Specialist Jesse St. John wins the Truss Joist Top Gun award for the sixth time! Jesse helps provide our customers with top-notch engineering and estimating for floor systems – and any other projects that require engineered wood products. And these services are at no cost to our customers…

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M&F profiled by My Hometown Films!

Rochester Home and Garden Preview Video about M&F!

This video was produced by the very talented My Hometown Films, whose mission is to promote locally owned businesses. They’re great to work with and they did a wonderful job profiling our company. Thank you Jason, and thanks for the use of this video on our website!

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Pinnacle North Project Update

Matthews and Fields part-ownerScott Fields gives an update on one of the company’s biggest projects to date: supplying the massive “Pinnacle North” development going up in Canandaigua with trusses, custom stairs, and assorted engineered products.

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Andersen Series 100 – a big bang for the construction buck!

Outside sales rep. Jim French, (585-329-7886), profiles the Andersen Series 100 windows we carry. The Andersen 100’s, made of “Fibrex”, are less expensive than wood windows and longer lasting than vinyl…a real sweet spot!

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Contractor Profiles: Hamilton-Stern Construction

Presenting our 2nd “Contractor Profile” featuring one of Rochester’s most talented and high-end construction companies. Hamilton-Stern Construction has been a loyal customer here at Matthews & Fields for years. Learn more about this company from part-owner Justin Hamilton.  Justin does a great job of presenting his company’s values and business ethic in this six minute video…Newsflash! We just learned that Hamilton – Stern Construction LLC  climbed to the No. 1 spot on the 2016 Rochester Chamber Top 100. Read the article in the Rochester Business Journal…and congratulations Justin and Chris!

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Kind words from a valued customer…

Justin Hamilton, partner at Hamilton/Stern Construction, talks about the importance of Matthews & Fields to his business. Thanks Justin! We’ll be profiling Hamilton/Stern in mid-October in our Contractor Profiles series. Stay tuned…

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John Blosenhauer – Master Crafstman at M&F

We’re proud to introduce you to John Blosenhauer, our longest serving employee at M&F…and the proud father of nine!

John B (23)“I’m John Blosenhauer. I grew up in Holly New York, raised on a farm, one of six boys in the family. I was the oldest.  After High school I built a house in Holly. NY,  got married and then got drafted and  went to Vietnam from 68-69.  My wife Jeanine wrote to me the whole year and a half that I was gone  We’ve been married 46 years and we’ve had nine children; 7 girls and 2 boys”.

A curved banister produced by John


“I began working at Matthews & Fields on May 3rd 1971. That’s 46 years .Years ago everybody work from 6am to 5 o’clock.  and then 6 hours on Saturday. It was so busy back then Now it’s not quite as busy. Back then you could never catch up. We got a lot of overtime back then. I don’t want to do over time now!

08121201John, (back row), and Jeanine (front row center) and their children

These days I start at 6 :30 a.m.  I like to be in early – and I don’t like to rush. I open up the place and it’s peaceful and quiet  in the morning. What do I do?  I’ve done everything. I’ve worked in the yard,  I worked in the door dept for nine years. Then I worked in the window shop.  I did window and door service on the road for seven years.   I was like the company’s first full-time service man. I worked building stairs. I’ve done custom trim work. I drove a delivery truck when they were short a driver I’ve done everything except work in the office”!

John B (16)     John B (10)

John about to reproduce a set of doors  and working on deck stairs

“I’ve made custom  stairs and whatever else I was  asked to make. I’ve done curved stairs which really turned out nice. I’ve  just done so much. I’ve made  big porch corbel brackets – all custom work. I just made four  doors for Hamlin State Park. They were only  for the restrooms but I feel good knowing that I can go there and see my work ten years from now and the doors will still be working”.

100_2636     John B (15)

A custom made cupola made by John. He produced the tin-work roof as well…and a lunch-visit note from John’s daughter…

“I’ve enjoyed the work. If  I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t be here. I’m 68 and still working because I enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t go to work. Every day is different. Today I’m doing porch steps and after that  I’ve got some custom shutters to make for somebody right around the corner. It’s just different every day.  I get to use my mind and build something..100_0459

We were really busy back in the early days. There were more people working here, there  were more deliveries because there was more building going on in Rochester. Now we get more of the  custom work.

It’s a decent company to work for. Everyone has been here twenty, twenty five, thirty  years. There’s very few young guys. Everybody working in the  shop is 50 and over. Everybody likes it I think otherwise they’d be gone”.

  John B (17)

John Fields and  John Blosenhauer in the Matthews & Fields workshop

“When I started here, John Fields was a senior in high school. He worked the first summer that I worked here. He was getting ready for college. We’ve been together a long time you know.  My son has a heart condition so he was in the hospital for a while. Any time I needed time off John Fields gave me time off. He works with you.

John treats you decent. He has his bad days and his good days like everyone else, but all-in-all he’s fair. He’s family”.

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Contractor Profiles: Gerber Homes with John Graziose

Watch the first of our new video series on contractors who shop with us! We profile Gerber Homes  and talk with John Graziose, partner and vice president of this successful Ontario, NY based construction company…

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Doug Field’s on Deck products at M&F

Deck Building Season_edited-1
Whether you’re a professional deck-builder or a novice, spend a few minutes with Matthews & Fields part-owner Doug Fields, in the video above – you’ll get an excellent summary of  what’s new in decking products available at M&F!

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Stair Building Project for Commercial Client in Canandaigua…



If you’ve been to our Greece store at 120 Stonewood Avenue most likely you’re familiar with our sales room and perhaps the lumber yard to the rear of our property…


view of shop


But sandwiched in between these two public areas is a cavernous-custom woodworking shop that has been in constant operation since the 1950’s. The shop produces pretty much whatever a contractor or architect can dream a design for custom corbels, mouldings,  architectural millwork, porch screens and wood louvers for attic venting.  It also produces hundreds of door packages for builders each year using custom tooling setups run by skilled Matthews & Fields craftsman.



Perhaps the crown jewel of trades still practiced at Matthews & Fields is to be found in our custom stair shop. Manned by Fran Ryan and Jeff Krueger,  and managed by Shop Supervisor Jeff Putney, (a total 60 years of combined experience in all!), they have the knowledge and experience to produce stairs for most any residential or commercial project.

Nearly all these staircases are built to the designs and specs of our customers and, unless custom materials need to be ordered,  are turned around start to finish, in under a week. And that includes delivery!

take off sheet for stairs

A typical stair order happens something like this: one of our outside sales reps reviews a bid request for stair work and obtains a blueprint from the customer. The sales-rep produces a materials take-off list based on the blueprint specs., and from that a price quote. Once the customer gives the go-ahead to build the stairs, a Matthews & Fields technician actually goes to the job site to field-measure the stairs. The goal is to eliminate surprises when it comes time to fit the completed stairs to the their actual  location.


Stringer Layout with  carpenter square and pencil

Jeff preparing stair parts

Jeff busy cutting stair parts


Fran notching out a stringer

stair router

Stair routing machine designed by Jack Fields.

Then the building process starts. Fran will layout, cut and rout stringers while Jeff is mass-producing parts close by. Like the Matthews & Fields  door shop, there is a mix of custom tooling and a LOT of handwork. In fact, our stringer routing machine was designed by Jack Fields 30 years ago and is still going strong.

Construction Details…

!5a - Stairbuilding for Pinnacle North (64)Stairbuilding for Pinnacle North (64)_edited-1


Here, wedges are driven into  the tapered routed stringer slot. Tread, riser, and stringer connections are all wedged and glued then nailed for good measure.


Support Stringer for a floor with no bounce


Nailing off

Matthews & Fields is supplying all of the staircases required at the Pinnacle North construction project in Canandaigua. All of our units are super-engineered for strength and long service. Details like the massive center support stringer pictured above assure a rock-solid stairway for the life of the building. And we adhere to the most rigorous nailing schedules in the construction of our stairs.



Every part of this construction process is handled by the experienced craftsman at Matthews & Fields. We couldn’t be prouder to have prestige projects like Pinnacle North and our good friends at LeChase Contractors in our portfolio of clients. We’re even prouder to have on staff the talented professionals to execute the projects they entrust to us !




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