Welcome to Rochester’s Best Lumber Company!


John Fields opines on why shopping at Matthews & Fields is a no-brainer!

lumberWe have windows in all price ranges, patio doors to let the outside in, wood and fiberglass  front doors, inside doors in many styles, moldings to decorate your home, and decking for outdoor living.  We build strong and beautiful stairs  in our wood shop.

 We serve a diverse group of customers.  We welcome homeowners, handymen, window replacement businesses, home remodeling business, kitchen and bath stores, home builders, pole barn builders, and general contractors building commercial buildings and apartments.We have been owned since 1896 by the same family.  Today we have the fifth generation working in our store!  We pride ourselves on helping people find the material they need for their project.  We solve problems.  We are known for our honesty and hard work.

Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable and friendly!  Stop by either store and see for yourself!
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Who we are and what we offer…with owner John Fields

Hi, I’m John Fields. I work at Matthews and Fields Lumber with my cousins Doug and Scott, my sister Barb. My dad is around now and then to help out too. We supply wood products to all kinds of people. read more…[/column]

Meet owner and Fields family member Scott Fields who manages our Henrietta store…

Hi, I’m Scott Fields. I’m general manager here at our Henrietta yard. I’m one of the owners and I’ve been with Matthews and Fields since the 1970s. I worked summers in high school and also while I was in college, and graduated from college in 1979. read more[/column]
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Doug Fields, Purchasing Manager and owner-partner at Matthews & Fields, gives some of the company’s strong points – and how they benefit customers…

Welcome to Matthews & Fields Lumber – glad you found our webpage. My name is Doug Fields. I’m one of the fourth-generation owners here at Matthews & Fields. We have two locations one in Rochester and one in Henrietta. The Henrietta location was established in 1960. We came out here to expand our truss plant to facilitate ease of delivery from this location to our truss customers. (read more)


Window Specialist Bill MacGovern talks about the good relationships with customers that develop when business is done right.

I think one big feature of our company is that we deal with a lot of our customers and contractors and we treat them as friends. We try and establish a relationship where it’s not just about selling the product but also establishing a relationship, of friendship with the customer. If they get in a bind or we get in a bind, we work together with them and the homeowner. We go out and help them sort things out and try to make it a comfortable, pleasant experience for everybody.